The Democratic National Convention 2012

Me with Christine Quinn, Council Speaker, City of New York

Me with Christine Quinn, Council Speaker, City of New York

By Kylar Broadus

I was honored to be a delegate this year to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. I was one of 13 out transgender delegates. I attended the 2000 convention where there was only one official transgender delegate. While there is always room for improvement, this was movement. Until the rules for delegate selection where changed, it was hard for transgender Americans to become delegates. It is important for several reasons but mainly because this year was the first year that the party platform included “gender identity” and marriage equality which made the Democratic platform the most inclusive of any of the parties. Secondly, the hope is that more people are educated about transgender people. And, thirdly, that more transgender people participate in the process.

President Obama has been the only United States President that has gone on record in support of inclusion for transgender people even before he took the oath of office almost four years ago. The POTUS’ inclusive lens has been amazing. I’ve visited the White House and worked on several issues with federal agencies. This is the first time these organizations have been inclusive of ALL people.  I think it’s important for an administration to look like the people it serves. If it doesn’t, then how can it adequately represent us.


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